Go to message on your phone, Enter Kenya charity sweepstake short code 29099, then follows the steps below to make a bet:

  1. Enter name of game to get quick pick tickets.For Example Lucky3, Lotto, Kenno

  2. Enter number of quick pick tickets.#(Name of the game).For Example 2#Lucky3, 2#Lotto, 2#Kenno

  3. Enter lucky number.#(Enter your lucky numbers)#(Name of the game).For example 1#238#lucky3.

  4. Enter lucky number and amount.#(Enter your lucky numbers)#(Name of game)#(Amount per ticket).For Example 2#678#Lucky3#150


Mobile App

  1. Click on the provided link

  2. A prompt of download will appear click on it

  3. Once the download is complete, open the app

  4. Enter Your Mobile Number

  5. Enter Your Name

  6. Click on the Select drop down and select where you found the link

  7. Enter password

  8. Confirm password

  9. Click Register.

  10. You will receive an OTP.

  11. Enter the OTP

  12. Then Login

  13. Load Money onto your wallet by sending money to our PAYBILL 292222 with your desired float amount.